"I am so thrilled to announce the new launch of 612 Management Co., LLC - media management group.


As I’ve heard from many great leaders, flexibility and your ability to adapt to change (or not) can define your business as it grows. I am thankful for time and that my business has been able to shift from exclusively an Artist Management Firm to a Media Management group! I’m also thrilled to announce we have hired a new Social Media Manager, recent college graduate, Kaitlyn Bader and brought on new intern Kitana Calimlim.


What this re-launch means for us is a complete relocation (from Nashville to the Greater Philadelphia area), restructuring, and refocusing on our client base and content all while keeping one thing the same…our relationship with our clients. We want to develop relationships with clients to not only help grow their business, their product, or their following, but to help support what they have already started and help push them towards their goals!


As a company, the new and improved 612 will be not just be working with musicians and artists, but we are now specializing in helping small businesses with all of their media needs. This ranges from general branding or event consultation all the way to full-time social media management including custom branding, photography, and graphic design.


After much thought, our 3 main core values will be Create, Evolve, and Inspire. CREATE relates to all of our content for our clients. EVOLVE refers to our 612 staff motto of adaptability while social media and those tools are constantly changing. And lastly, and most importantly, INSPIRE is for you…every person who stumbles upon our website, socials, or posts who may be looking for a pick me up or a reminder that you can embrace your inner-entrepreneur too! 


If you’re a local business or organization in South Jersey looking for a hand, we are here for you. If you’re an artist or musician looking to help build your following or create custom content, we are here for you. If you are someone not sure what your next steps in life are and are thinking of starting your own business or passion project, we are here for you too! 


Thanks for taking the time to support and follow my journey!"


- Amanda Scrimale

(Founder of 612 Management Co., LLC)