612 Management co., llc is hoping for clients

looking for one of these options: 

Not official management,

but rather meetings to discuss or brainstorm potential ideas for branding, marketing, social media strategies,

or special events 

Think of this as 612 providing a

fresh idea/strategy,

then we turn it back over to you to

execute on your own.

 General Consultation 

Branding & marketing, custom graphic designs, photography,

social media management & visual representation on all platforms

Think of this as 612 creating custom graphics, and taking custom photographs while working with you to develop a strategy and method for your business growth, and then we log in to your Facebook, Instagram, etc. and post as you!

Complete branding and social media management and maintenance

Our most


option for clients!

Think of this as the 612 team knowing your business so well that

you don't have to think about creating content, or maintaining growth/engagement on your posts.

We've got that!

Full-Time Management

"My goal is to bring in clients where we can develop a personal relationship over time. We want to not only develop their brand but help "funnel them" into a better place of exposure and growth."

- Amanda Scrimale (Founder)

Brand & Social Media Development

General Consultation